A Former Gang Member’s Sentence Has Been Extended After Hit-And-Run Victim Died

Last month, a man who was found guilty in a hit-and-run case in 2016 was sentenced to several years in prison in addition to the time he has already spent in jail.

According to the Record-Courier, 32-year-old Gilbert Diego Alvarez, a former California gang member, admitted to prosecutors that he had fled the scene of a rear-end collision that happened on Highway 88 on January 31, 2016.

The two occupants of the other vehicle were severely injured in the crash that happened in the middle of a snowstorm. While fleeing from the scene of the crash, Alvarez dropped a shotgun and hid in a nearby irrigation ditch. 

Since the crash, one of the victims had died for unrelated causes.

While prosecutor A.J. Hames told the court that Alvarez still had not taken responsibility for his actions, defense attorney Filter argued that during his nearly five years in jail, Alvarez had changed even though he knows he will end up in prison.

During the trial, Alvarez apologized for his past actions and told the court that he was done with gang life. 

“I have repented from my old ways. I have no ties to any gangs or prison politics,” Alvarez said.  He went on to explain that he planned to have all of his tattoos removed soon.

District Judge Tom Gregory sentenced Alvarez for 3 -10 years for failure to stop at an accident involving serious injury, 2 – 6 years for possession of a firearm by the user of a controlled substance. Alvarez’s sentences will run simultaneously and consecutively to the jail time he has already served.

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