A Man Is Found Dead In His Home, Poisoned By Pesticides

According to a recent government report, approximately 23 people per year die as the result of exposure to pesticides. An estimated 20,000 more people are sent to hospital emergency rooms each year to be treated for exposure to these dangerous chemicals and their adverse effects. The cost of the negative effects of pesticide exposure in the U.S. each year is estimated at some $200 million annually.

A Whittier man has died as he entered his home, which was recently fumigated with pesticides. The Whittier Daily News reports that on Tuesday, July 21st,  the Los Angeles Fire Department was called to a residence in 1500 block of See Drive at approximately 3:18 p.m.

The home was covered with a fumigation tent, such as the ones often used by exterminators to seal in pesticides. According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Trina Schrader, firefighters wearing Hazmat suits and respirators went inside the house to find the man dead.

Reports indicate that there was no other person inside the home at the time when the man visited his home. No pest exterminators were working at the home when the incident occurred.

Investigators believe that the man went inside his home to check on it, thinking that it was safe to do so.  “It wasn’t,” Schrader told reporters.

Investigators believe that the man’s death was an accident. Officials have not released his identity pending notification of members of his family.

The accident is still under investigation. As of the time when the report was published, no foul play is suspected in the case.   


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