A Witness Captures A Dangerous Road Rage Incident On Their Cellphone

With the stresses of modern everyday life, incidents of road rage are on the rise.  It is rare, however, that such dangerous events are caught on video.

KTLA’s Rick Chambers reported on Wednesday that a man driving a white BMW took his frustrations out on the driver of a pickup truck earlier this week. An eyewitness captured the entire incident on video using his cellphone as it all unfolded.

Los Angeles Police have arrested David Zulalyan, 27, after the video of the Wednesday event was turned into the police on Monday morning. Video shows Zulalyan in a white BMW intentionally ramming a pickup truck at the intersection of Laurel Canyon and Boulevard and Victory Boulevard at approximately 8:40 A.M.

The white BMW sedan can be seen pushing the Toyota pickup truck into the intersection and then ramming the truck repeatedly. One pedestrian with the misfortune of being in the vicinity can also be seen scrambling, trying to get out of the way of oncoming vehicles.

“That guy in the white BMW put everyone in danger, not just the one in the truck,” eyewitness, Yolanda Maya told reporters. ”I thought that was pretty reckless, and it was very, very scary just to look at it.”

The person who took the video posted it on Twitter later that evening. LAPD officers later apprehended and arrested Zulalyan.  He currently has one charge of assault with a deadly weapon.  

Authorities have not said what may have started the road rage incident. Zulalyan is due to appear in court on March 24th.


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