Acrobats Reach $52.5M Settlement After Circus Accident

While the circus is not as popular as it once was, people still enjoy seeing people doing dangerous stunts. Circus performers are highly trained to prevent accidents, but sometimes they get hurt anyway by something beyond their control, as in this case.

In a story that reached national attention, and reported on by KNWA, a group of eight acrobats have reached a $52.5 million settlement with the owner of an area after they were injured in an accident. According to the suit, a metal clip that held the performers 20 feet in the air failed in 2014 during a performance. The women suffered multiple broken bones. A worker underneath the acrobats was also caught in the fall.

An OSHA inspection found that the circus staff had put too much strain on the carabiner clip holding a piece of equipment used by the acrobats during the show. They hung from it by their hair. The owners of the circus disagreed with the findings.

They began their lawsuit in 2016 and now reached their settlement, which goes to show how long these cases can last. The payout will be delivered through the insurance company of the arena and the owner of the circus. The full extent of the injuries was not revealed to the press due to medial privacy rules, but in the image of the article there are two of the women in wheelchairs.

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