American Horror Story Actress Offers Aid To Motorcyclist

When you see someone get into an accident, it’s just human nature to want to help those who may have been hurt. Most people understand that no one wants to get into an accident, and when someone is injured and in need of assistance, it’s only natural to want to respond.

A recent story appearing in the Drew Report News shows that sometimes the person lending a helping hand might surprise you.

American Horror Story actress, Emma Roberts and her partner Garrett Hudland were driving in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 11. During the celebrity couple’s outing, they saw a Prius driver who was in front of them making a left turn at an intersection and hit a motorcyclist.  

The motorcyclist was knocked off of his Honda CB110R motorcycle during the crash.

Roberts, who was driving and is currently pregnant, and her partner Hunland who was a passenger, quickly parked their vehicle and rushed to the downed motorcyclist’s aid.   

The couple reportedly remained at the scene until help could arrive. No further information about the driver that hit the motorcyclist was known at the time of the report. 

Authorities have also not released any further information regarding the motorcyclist, or their current condition has been released.  

Emma, Garrett, and their unborn son were reported to be OK.

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