ATV Rolls Off Cliff Into The Ocean, One Dead, Three Survivors

All-terrain vehicles are a huge source of enjoyment for people in California, but they are dangerous to use. Off-road hazards and poor driver training can cause these vehicles to crash. Three people in a recent ATV crash are lucky to survive, but one didn’t make it. The San Luis Obispo Tribune has the story.

The accident happened near Harmony. Just before 4 AM, officers receive a report of the accident and went to investigate. Four people got into an ATV and started driving south late at night away from camp. The ATV went off the side of a cliff edge and tumbled into the ocean near the shoreline.

The driver and two passengers were able to get out and climbed back to camp to notify the others. The renter of the vehicle, who was not among the four, went back to find the fourth rider and freed her from the wreckage. By the time first responders arrived, that woman was dead.

The driver of the ATV was arrested on suspicion of DUI, gross vehicular manslaughter, and other charges. All members of the vehicle were wearing seat belts but none had helmets. It is unknown what exactly killed the fourth passenger. If convicted, the driver will face serious fines and jail time.

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