California Woman Dies After Crashing Into Disabled Semi In Texas

A news report posted by KAMR/KCIT says that a woman from Moorpark, California, has died after a semi-truck accident. 

The woman was driving on I-40 in Carson County, Texas. Around 12:30 AM, she crashed into a disabled Volvo semi-truck that was partially in the eastbound lane. The Texas Department of Public Safety says that the woman crashed into the back end of the trailer.

The woman was killed at the scene. Police are still investigating the incident. It is unknown whether or not the truck driver will face any charges.

Crashing into truck trailers is extremely hazardous. If you’ve ever driven behind one, you may have seen a marked step bar framing the underside of the trailer. That’s not just for stepping. It’s also meant to reduce the damage to a car that hits a trailer from behind. Due to the height of these trucks, it’s easy for a car to slip underneath one, at least until the bottom edge of the trailer hits the windshield.

Situations like this are why you should  move over one lane when passing a vehicle on the side of the road. Your car might clip the other vehicle, or someone could step out unexpectedly. Follow this rule where you can and you could save your life.


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