Deputy Vehicle Strikes Pedestrian, But She Was Already Hit Several Times

Walking on the roadways at night is dangerous. Even if you’re wearing reflective clothing and following all the safety rules, it’s still possible to get hit. Quite often, pedestrian accidents at night are fatal. Drivers can’t see you until it’s too late to slow down.

One poor woman is believed to have been hit several times before discovered by local sherrifs, according to My News LA. The accident happened in Watts.

The 60-year-old woman was found by police just before 6:30 a.m. on Imperial Highway according to the report. There is a conflicting report in the article between the LAPD and the sheriff’s department. The LAPD believes that the officer struck the victim and then the victim was hit several more times by other vehicles, one of which fled the scene. However, the sheriff’s office maintains that their vehicle was the last one to hit her.

We hope that the other vehicles involved are found so the truth can come out about this story. We do not know if the pedestrian was acting in an irresponsible way before the fatal accident, nor do we know who is ultimately responsible for her death. Questions like these are vital if the family of the deceased decide to file a lawsuit against the alleged perpetrator of this crime.

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