Donuts, A Police Chase, And An Injured Pedestrian

An innocent pedestrian was hit then picked up by a BMW doing donuts in a Los Angeles intersection last Sunday evening. What started as an accident that grew from reckless driving turned into a bizarre police chase, according to this report from CBS Los Angeles.

The owner of a smoke shop near the corner of Barrington and Pico says people often do donuts at that intersection. It makes the whole area dangerous, and he has to close up his shop early on Sundays as a result.

This last Sunday, a wreckless BMW driver hit a bystander in the area. Police were called at about 5:15 P.M. with a report that the car had hit someone. In the meantime, someone in the BMW put the injured pedestrian in their vehicle, perhaps to help them. But as police approached, sirens blaring, the driver got nervous and took off. Now the police had a chase on their hands.

In the course of the police chase, the pedestrian somehow fell from the BMW. He was picked up by police and taken to a hospital in unknown condition. He is expected to survive these bizarre events.

After the pedestrian was recovered and dealt with, the police continued to pursue the driver of the BMW. The BMW hit an empty police cruiser and sped away, evading escape. Police were later able to identify the driver, but he had not yet been apprehended.

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