Driver of Big Rig Killed in Tragic, Fiery Accident

Traffic accidents, even those that involve only one vehicle, can have devastating and long-lasting repercussions for both those involved, the families of those involved, and the city, municipal, state, or federal agencies left with the expense of repairing and cleaning up roads after the fact. In addition to expensive damages, there is the tragedy of coping with the loss of life some of these accidents incur.

Last Thursday morning, the driver of a big rig was traveling eastbound on Highway 91 in Anaheim when he suddenly lost control of his vehicle. Did he fall asleep? Was he perhaps distracted or suffering from a medical episode? The authorities are uncertain. What we do know is this: the large truck veered off the road and slammed into the concrete center divider.

This accident became even more perilous when the truck erupted in flames. The driver did not get out of the truck alive. According to the California Highway Patrol, no other people or vehicles were involved in the accident. The driver was not immediately identified.

As a result of this fiery crash, the carpool and No. 1 lanes of the freeway were closed for several hours. Crews needed time to safely clear the scene. Thankfully, the accident happened at approximately 2:45 in the morning.

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