Electric Truck Tips Over And Crushes Home, Resident Injured

An almost unbelievable crash involving a Southern California Edison crane truck left one person injured.

CBS Local in Los Angeles aired video footage taken from a security camera inside a neighbor’s doorbell that happened in the 300 block of 61st street on Monday, October 7th.  The truck, which appears to be on a stable surface and reinforced by stabilizing legs, tipped over onto the driver’s side and onto a home.

Just outside the home was Pastor Carl Kromming, who was in his backyard beneath the carport tending to the home’s generator system. Those generators are what keep the power going for the medical equipment that is necessary for Kromming’s son who has cerebral palsy. When the crane crashed, the roof of Kromming’s patio came down on him.

Southern California Edison workers were in the area to replace a power pole with the crane when it toppled over at approximately 1:00 p.m. The power pole and the crane arm came down on the RV cover, also taking out a section of the roof of Kromming’s home and a neighbor’s fence. 

Kromming was taken to the hospital to be treated for broken ribs and injuries to his head, which required nine staples. 

“Fortunately, I was close to the house and the little triangle here,” Kromming said in the interview.

Power was restored to the area later on Monday evening. 

The incident is under continuing investigation by SoCal Edison and by other agencies at the state and federal level.

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