Four-Hour Standoff In Stolen Vehicle Case

A police standoff lasting nearly four hours ended in the arrest of a suspect in Beverly Hills yesterday. KTLA has the story.

It started with a police chase near Wilshire Boulevard and Doheny Drive around 4:40 PM yesterday, according the Beverly Hills Police Department. The chase ended shortly after the stolen car crashed into another vehicle. The suspect in the car refused to get out of the vehicle and began a standoff.

By the time the scene ended, there was a SWAT car, seven other police cruisers, and two firetrucks. The suspect didn’t leave the vehicle until tear gas was deployed. At that point, he climbed out the window. The report does not say if the car door was jammed in the crash.

Video in the article shows the officers carrying the man away from the scene. He was treated for injuries and then arrested. Several others were also injured in the incident, but the report does not state how many were hurt. Wilshire Boulevard reopened around 9:45 PM.

Officers have to be careful when apprehending a stolen vehicle because of situations like these. Thieves can make rash decisions trying to get away with their ill-gotten goods and cause a crash. We hope that everyone injured in this crash comes to a complete recovery and that justice is served.


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