Fuel Pump Recall From Honda

Dealing with a bad fuel pump can be both frustrating and expensive. It’s not unusual for such repairs to run into a thousand dollars or even more.

In a story which appeared last week on the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles, automaker, Honda said that it was voluntarily recalling almost a half-million vehicles. The recall comes after the company determined potential fuel pump issues for sedans, SUV’s, crossovers from model years 2015-2019 for the Acura TLX sedan, 2016-2018 for the MDX crossover models, and 2015-2017 for Honda Accord V6’s.

The recall was made official on January 29th when the NHTSA made the announcement regarding concerns with that the fuel module could fail causing the vehicle to overheat or stall and could potentially cause a crash.

Although Honda says it has not received any reports of crashes or injuries, the company does acknowledge that some of the software for the vehicles does require updating and some of the vehicles may have fuel pumps which will require replacement. The software is directly related to how the fuel injection and pump operate. Registered owners will be contacted by mail in Late March and will be referred to an authorized dealership for needed repairs.

The vehicles are to be repaired by Honda at no cost to the owner.


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