Girl Tries To Steal Small Airplane, Crashes Before Takeoff

A 17-year old girl was arrested on Wednesday after she breached a security fence at the Fresno airport, and sneaked onto a small aircraft, and crashed it into a building at the Fresno Yosemite National Airport.

KTLA in Los Angeles reports that at approximately 7:30 on the morning of Wednesday, December 18th, the unidentified teen climbed the fence at the airport about one-quarter mile away from where the King 200 aircraft was parked in the general aviation section of the airport.  

The girl started up the two-seat plane valued at $2 million, turned on the engine, drove the plane in a circle, and managed to crash it into a chain-link fence and a building before she was apprehended.  She was found in the pilot seat wearing a headset.  

Authorities say that the girl was uncooperative and disoriented at the time she was apprehended.

According to the airport’s Chief of Police, Drew Bessinger, authorities are uncertain how the teen was able to accomplish these things or why she did.  So far, investigators don’t believe that the incident was an attempt at an act of terrorism.

Officials contacted the teen’s mother, who told them that she had not heard from her daughter since Tuesday evening.

No one was injured, and no other aircraft were damaged in the incident.

According to Fresno Yosemite Airport’s representative, Vikkie Calderon, the teen was arrested and taken to a juvenile detention center on suspicion of aircraft theft. 

So far, no further information has been released.

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