Good Samaritan Rescues Twins After Their Father Dies In Car Crash

Two four-year-old twins managed to free themselves from their car seats and climb up a 200-foot embankment after a crash on Friday on Whidbey Island near Seattle.

MSN News reports that just before 6:00 p.m. on Friday, December 6th, Corey Simmons, 47,  was driving his vehicle on Bob Galbreath Road. With him were his four-year-old twin daughters who were riding in the back seat.  Inexplicably, the car suddenly veered off the road and down an embankment. During the crash, the vehicle hit several trees before coming to a rest.

 A spokesperson for the Washington State Highway Patrol said that Simmons was not wearing a seatbelt at the time and was killed in the crash.

Simmons’ two daughters, Rosaline and Aurora, managed to free themselves from their car seats in the rear of the vehicle. Climbing out of a broken rear window, the twins managed to crawl up a 200-foot embankment and to the roadway where they got the attention of another motorist who was traveling along the same road. The Good Samaritan driver notified the authorities to ensure the safety of the little girls.

Thankfully the two girls weren’t seriously hurt, and authorities arrived a short time later at the scene of the crash.  The Good Samaritan had not seen the girls in her headlights as she went past, but that she had caught a glimpse of them in her rearview mirror before stopping.

The woman did not wish to be identified, but the girls told family members that a “lady in a white car helped them to get warm.”  The twins were taken to an area hospital to be checked out. Other than the trauma of the ordeal and the loss of their father, both girls are expected to be ok.

Officials are still investigating what caused Simmons’ vehicle to go off the road. According to Esther Crider, Simmons’ girlfriend, he had been driving the same route every day for the past five years.  

The family hopes to find the Good Samaritan in the hopes of thanking them for being in the right place at the right time.

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