High Speed Chases Crosses Two Counties, Ends In Crash

A high-speed pursuit in Orange County last week ended up with the prime suspect in a private home where a Buddhist meeting was being held.

NBC in Los Angeles reports that on Wednesday, July 31st, a woman who had been the cause of several crashes along the northbound 57 Freeway led Orange County Sheriff’s deputies through two counties and a high-speed chase before she was apprehended.

Authorities say that the chase at times reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour before crashing the silver sports car into at least two additional vehicles before finally coming to a stop.  A man and a woman got out of the vehicle. The woman took off on foot along the shoulder of the northbound 57, until she jumped a wall and over a fence into a residential area in Diamond Bar. 

The news station’s helicopter, Newschopper4 Bravo, had sight of the woman who attempted to enter a number of the private residences before reaching one with an open back door.

The homeowner, Brenda Duchemin, who was hosting a Buddhist meeting at her home, encountered the frantic woman who shouted at her,” You gotta help me! You gotta help me!”

The woman told Duchemin that she had been in an accident and claimed that her boyfriend was hurt on the freeway.  

Duchemin told reporters that the woman had a lot of adrenaline and was very hyper in those moments. The woman, whose name has not been released, closed the sliding glass door behind her. Not far behind the suspect was a CHP officer, standing on the outside of the door, asking the homeowner if she had been invited in. Duchemin signaled to the deputy that she had not.

The woman was taken into custody a few minutes later and taken away.  Her identity has not been released.

Police have not said what may have started the incident or whether the man who had been in the vehicle at the time and was uninjured, will also face potential charges in the case. 

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