Hiker Falls 400 Feet Climbing Mount Sill

A 23-year-old hiker was killed after they fell some 400 feet while climbing Mt. Sill earlier this month.

According to a story reported by Fox News in Los Angeles, authorities have identified the climber as 23-year-old Neil Karpe of Berkley.

Karpe, along with a fellow hiker, was descending a mountain snowfield just below Mt. Shill when Karpe slipped and fell. According to a statement issued by the Inyo County Sheriff’s office on Tuesday, October 22nd, Karpe’s injuries were described as “unknown but serious.” 

Mt. Sill’s highest peak reaches an estimated 14,159 feet.  The two hikers had managed to climb to an estimated elevation of 13,200 feet when the accident happened.

After the accident, Karpe’s hiking partner used a satellite communication device to call for help. High winds coming off of the mountain prevented a helicopter from landing or being able to evacuate the victim.  Karpe died, likely as a result of injuries he sustained from his fall. 

Using a helicopter, a rescue team was dropped off just 100 feet below the site of the accident. It took the six rescuers in the group three hours to reach the accident site. The victim was transported from the mountain to the Inyo County Coroner’s Office. 

Authorities have not yet released any further information on the victim’s injuries or the cause of his death.

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