Lawsuits Against Delta Airlines After Dumping Jet Fuel Over Residential Communities

Delta Airlines is now facing further legal consequences for dumping jet fuel over residential areas, affecting several schools last month.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported on its website that a second lawsuit was filed against the airline on Friday, February 7th at the Spring Street Courthouse. Three students from Pioneer High School in Whittier allege that they suffered skin irritation, nausea, dizziness, and emotional distress.

On January 14th, Delta Flight 89 released thousands of gallons of jet fuel over areas of Los Angeles County after it experienced mechanical failure and returned to LAX. Hazmat teams were dispatched to schools throughout the greater Los Angeles area after the incident.

While no one who was affected by the fuel dump was hospitalized, several people, both adults and children, complained of skin irritation and respiratory distress after coming in contact with the jet fuel that rained down on several communities.

This latest suit was filed by the law firm, McNicholas & McNicholas LLP.  According to documents filed with the Court, the plaintiffs allege that Delta Airlines was negligent in addition to causing both physical and emotional distress for the students.  The student plaintiffs and their families are seeking compensation for medical expenses caused by the incident as well as reimbursement for legal and attorney’s fees.

Four Los Angeles teachers filed an earlier lawsuit against Delta Airlines in Los Angeles County Superior Court last month. The teachers are being represented by attorney Gloria Allred and allege that the fuel “…penetrated their mouths and noses as well, producing a lasting and severe irritation, and a lasting and noxious taste and smell.”

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