Los Angeles Man Saved From Flaming Freeway Crash Site

When you hear the word “hero”, what comes to mind? Because of the recent popularity of superhero movies and television shows, such as the Avengers, Wonder Woman, or Spiderman, you might immediately think of such fictional heroes. Or you might think of real-life heroes, brave men and women that fight on the frontlines in our military. First responders may come to mind, those that aid us in times of emergency, the paramedics, firefighters, and police officers that we count on when we call 911. During this time of the pandemic, we think of the doctors and nurses fighting on a very different kind of front line, risking their lives to care for those that suffer from COVID-19.

But normal, everyday people, people like you and me, can also step up and be heroes when circumstances demand it. What would you do if you saw a car accident, for example? Pull out your phone to record the moment and get some bonus likes of social media? Or would you jump in to help if you can?

This is what some brave LA heroes did last week after a traffic accident left one man trapped in the wreckage, as reported by ONSCENE.TV. Bystanders pulled him to safety. Why was this so urgent? When the CHP and LAFD arrived at the scene, they found one vehicle completely engulfed in flames! Luckily, the victim, saved from the fire though in critical condition, could be transported to a local hospital. This is thanks to those everyday people that chose to step up and be heroes!

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