Man Gets 212 Years After Driving Off a Wharf In San Pedro, Killing His 2 Sons

A tragedy from 2015 finally has some degree of closure this week as a man that basically used his vehicle to murder his two sons in order to collect the large life insurance policies he had on them and start a new life in a new country. Now this man has been sentenced to 212 years in federal prison, according to this report from the Orange County Register.

The man had three children, the youngest two of which were severely autistic. He drove off a wharf in San Pedro with his wife and sons in the car. His wife was not a very good swimmer and his boys were both strapped into car seats. The husband expected the wife to drown, as well, but she was rescued by witnesses. The two boys drowned.

Suspicions were raised when the man collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in life insurance for the boys.

Finally, on March 11, this man was sentenced to 212 years in prison. In addition to this, he was ordered to pay $260,000-plus in restitution in the case. His oldest son, who was away at camp when the incident happened, spoke before the court, condemning his own father for his actions.

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