Mysterious Metal Bar Smashes Through Window, Leading To Chain-Reaction Crash And One Death

A chain-reaction crash happened last Friday on Interstate 225, leaving one person dead and other vehicles damaged, according to this report from Yahoo! News. The cause of the crash is a mystery that police are looking to solve: a metal bar that came crashing in through the window of one vehicle.

A woman was driving her SUV, traveling southbound on Interstate 225 when a metal bar came crashing into the window of the driver’s side, injuring the woman and causing her to crash into another vehicle and then into a concrete barrier. This happened near the East Colfax exit.

The woman later died as a result of her injuries. Thankfully, no one else was hurt in this chain-reaction crash. Police do not know where the metal bar came from or how it came to fly into that window. They are asking any witnesses to come forward. We live in an age of dash cams, so police are hoping someone will have footage that can point toward the origin of this mysterious metal bar that leads to one woman’s death, not to mention countless thousands of dollars in property damage.

The northbound lanes of the I-225 were shut down for several hours as investigators puzzled over this mysterious crash and the area was cleaned up.

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