Pasadena Homeless Man Struck By Motorist And Killed

In the blink of an eye, our lives can change forever. For example, you’re trying along, going through a green light, and you’re doing everything you can to be a safe and responsible citizen of the road. But circumstances beyond your control can send you crashing into the very face of death. What if someone steps out in front of you and you hit them? What if that person dies as a result? The mental and emotional trauma of such an event may be felt years into the future.

This is what happened for one driver in Pasadena last Saturday. The driver claims she was going through a green light when a homeless man jumped right in front of her. This is according to a report from My News LA. The driver stopped to assist the homeless man. This was at 7:53 in the evening. Paramedics rushed the man to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Officers say there was no indication of excessive speed or intoxication, although the incident is still under investigation.

We teach our children to be responsible, to own up to their mistakes, to sacrifice what’s easy or convenient or advantageous for them in order to help others. It’s nice to see a motorist do just that in stopping to help the man she hit, even if he ended up losing his life as a result of the accident.

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