Scandal With LAPD Regarding False Traffic Stop Charges Exposed

We want to believe that police officers are there to protect and to serve us and have the integrity to do their jobs honestly. For most police officers, this assumption is true.  The dedicated men and women who are a part of our nation’s law enforcement officers deserve our respect through actions that are sometimes selfless and sometimes underappreciated.

 A recent report filed by the NBC affiliate station in Los Angeles, however, indicates that more than a dozen officers with the Los Angeles Police Department are now under investigation for falsifying information on traffic stops.

According to the report, some of the falsified information caused some who were stopped for traffic violations to be wrongfully labeled as gang members.  According to a statement issued by the Los Angeles County Prosecutor’s Office, charges are already being considered against Officer Braxton B. Shaw. Shaw has been placed on administrative leave since video taken from his body camera did not match incident reports that he filed.  Shaw had been investigated by LAPD’s Internal Affairs for perjury in an unrelated case in 2016, but no charges were filed against him.

Other officers who are under investigation may be facing similar charges because either they filed false reports on incidents, or were present when the falsified events occurred.  Some have been relieved of duty until the investigations conclude.

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