Six Sent To Hospital After Exposure To Unknown Substance In Amazon Fulfillment Center

There are many ways someone can get hurt on the job, even when at-work safety is a priority.  Six workers at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Eastvale were sent to the hospital after being exposed to an “unknown substance” at the facility.

Newsweek reports that the incident happened at approximately 4:38 p.m. on Saturday, November 28th.  Firefighters with the Cal Fire/ Riverside County Fire Department evacuated 150 workers from the building located at 4950 Goodman Road. 

Paramedics transported six workers with injuries ranging from minor to moderate to an area hospital for treatment. Their current condition had not been released at the time of the report.

Jody Hageman, the spokesperson for the Cal Fire / Riverside Fire Department, said in a statement to reporters, “They were exposed to an unknown substance inside the building.”

A Hazmat team was dispatched to the warehouse to determine what the workers may have been exposed to. An investigation of the warehouse facility found nothing conclusive. In a tweet, the Cal Fire / Riverside Fire Department said that the business reopened a short time later.

The incident comes after Amazon was recently cited and fined over Coronavirus safety violations at two warehouses after workers complained that Amazon failed to promote social distancing and did not clean and disinfect parts of the warehouses where infected workers had been working.

The warehouses cited in the complaint are located in Hawthorne and the Eastvale facility.

Investigators with California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health found that neither facility had given workers proper safety training when dealing with the virus, nor had they mitigated workers’ exposure to the virus.

The company was subject to a fine of approximately $1,500.

In October, Amazon announced that some 20,000 workers for the company and its subsidiary, Whole Foods, across the U.S. tested positive for the virus or were assumed positive in September.

Amazon recently released a statement saying that it will be handing out holiday bonuses of $300 for its full-time workers and $150 for part-time workers over the holiday season. The company said the total thank you holiday bonuses will amount to an estimated $500 million.  

While this amount may seem generous to most, market experts estimate that this amount is less than half of what Amazon makes in a single day.

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