South Los Angeles Building Hit By SUV

It’s sad to say, but we’re used to seeing cars hit by other cars. Accidents on the road are common, ranging from a run-of-the-mill fender bender to a massive multi-car pile-up, such as the ones seen in Texas in the recent winter storm. We’re also used to seeing cars hit poles. We’re shocked and outraged when vehicles hit pedestrians, although this happens much more often than we’d imagine.

A vehicle colliding with a building, on the other hand, is a kind of accident we don’t see every day. But, when they do occur, we can be sure that they cause a great deal of property damage even if no one is hurt during the crash.

This is exactly what happened recently in South Los Angeles. A Ford SUV crashed into the side of a grocery store, smashing its way right through the wall of the building before coming to a stop according to this report from Yahoo! News.

The SUV can be seen in video footage almost entirely inside the building. It is unknown if anyone was hurt in this accident, but the damage done to both the vehicle and the building must be extensive. Both the police and the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived on the scene to render much-needed assistance. The cause of this accident is not known.

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