Suspect Was Apprehended After Hiding In A Residential Home

A man who was being sought by police for previous crimes has been arrested after a police chase and a standoff with law enforcement officers on Monday afternoon.

KYET reports that the suspect, 27-year-old-Dustin Morales, was being sought for firing at Santa Maria Police officers on Saturday following a domestic violence incident that had been previously reported. 

Santa Maria Police Lieutenant Jesse Silva told reporters that the second incident unfolded when an officer with the California Highway Patrol attempted to pull over a black sedan that was speeding on Highway 101.  

The driver that the CHP pulled over was Morales.

During the stop, Morales allegedly fired shots at CHP officers twice and led CHP officers on a chase on the 101 Freeway. During the pursuit, Morales was involved in a collision. He left his disabled vehicle and then left the freeway, fleeing into a nearby residential area. 

Morales was reported to have run into a couple of homes in the neighborhood, jumped a fence, and barricaded himself inside a house.

A SWAT team with the Los Angeles Police Department was called into the area.  After being delivered cigarettes and a phone via a robot, Morales eventually surrendered to police and was placed under arrest.  

The Santa Maria Police Department recommends that Morales be charged with attempted homicide, carjacking, and other related charges.

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