SUV Crashes Into Church

Every year there are thousands of crashes into storefronts and other buildings by vehicles around the country. Some of the building crashes can be attributed to pedal confusion; when the driver means to hit the brakes but hits the accelerator instead. Other accidents of this type can be directly related to a driver who loses control due to reckless driving, which may include driving while under the influence of alcohol.

A similar type of accident was reported in a recent story on the KTLA website about a driver who crashed into a church located in the 1000 block of East Manchester Avenue in South Los Angeles.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the accident happened at the Challenge of Faith Church in Los Angeles. Reports say that Alex Wynn, the Deacon of the church, received a call in the early morning hours that alarms had been set off at the church.

When the deacon arrived at the scene, he found an SUV that had crashed into the rear of one side of the structure and abandoned. There was no one in the vehicle or inside the church itself, only debris.

Authorities say this isn’t the first time the church has been hit by a motor vehicle. In the previous incident, a vehicle crashed into the front of the church causing considerably more damage. While this latest incident doesn’t seem to be as severe, Deacon Wynn hopes that anyone with any information will come forward.

The accident is still currently under investigation while the Los Angeles Police Department seeks the driver for questioning.


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