Teen Critically Injured In Crash, Community Raises Protest About Speed Limit Enforcement

A teen was left critically injured while crossing the street in a South Whittier neighborhood on Monday afternoon.  Residents are expressing frustration that motorists mostly ignore the posted 30 mile per hour speed limit, and now they are demanding that city officials finally do something about it.

ABC 7 in Los Angeles reports that a teen boy was struck at approximately 3:20 p.m. on Monday.  Video footage captured from a home security system captured the incident when the teen was hit while he was trying to get into the family’s vehicle. 

The teen boy was tossed 15 feet into the air before landing on the pavement.

The driver of the vehicle stopped at the scene of the crash while the unidentified teen was taken to a local trauma center for treatment. Authorities have not given his current condition.

Long-time resident, Mary Torres told reporters that she is not surprised that the accident happened, and it’s gone on for too long. “It’s like a speedway,” she said. 

Other residents like Vanessa Chatel say that though they know how motorists tend to speed down the street that is in a school zone, they can’t remember an accident being as severe as this one.

Chatel believes that speed bumps or another stop sign might be the solution. “There’s a lot of cars that speed through here like it’s a freeway,” she said.

A spokesperson for the Whittier Police told reporters that the accident is still currently under investigation.  

No further information is available at this time.

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