Teen Formally Charged After Stealing SUV And Accidentally Killing Two In Crash

A teenager has been arrested after police finished their investigation of a crash where she allegedly stole her mother’s vehicle and crashed it. Two homeless people were hidden in the bushes where she crashed and died. Fox 40 reports on the update.

The crash happened back in February at Mission venue and North Ash Street in Escondido. The police report states that the accused 13-year-old took her mother’s SUV without permission and drove off with another teen. Police tried to pull over the car for a traffic violation, but the teen sped off.

A few blocks later, the SUV crashed into a roadside planter. The two victims had taken shelter between the bushes in front of the planter wall and were crushed in the crash.

After an extensive investigation, police have charged the teen on charges of vehicular manslaughter, evading police causing injury or death, and felony hit and run causing death or serious injury. She has been booked into juvenile hall.

“Since the tragic event took place, traffic investigators have been working diligently to locate and process evidence, finalize statements from involved parties and witnesses, and attempt to re-create the circumstances surrounding the crash,” according to a statement from Escondido Police Department.

The police have mentioned no word about the other teen passenger in the SUV or what their involvement might be in the incident.


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