Teen Who Lost Hand In Construction Accident Remains Positive

People tend to hold those who rise up and overcome life’s challenges in the face of adversity with great admiration. Throughout history, some of our greatest heroes have refused to give up, even in the face of great personal loss.

That kind of determination is being exhibited by a San Anselmo teen who suffered a grave injury in a construction site accident that cost him the use of his right hand. Bay Area news station KRON 4 reports that Luke O’Heidhin was helping out on a local construction site while on spring break when an accident completely severed his right hand off at the wrist.

According to the report, Luke’s brother, Kyle was also on the site and tried to assist. Luke was rushed to the hospital at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. There, microsurgeons spent hours trying to re-attach the hand; but the damage was just too great. The surgeons were able to preserve the mobility within Luke’s wrist by performing reconstructive surgery on the teen. The wrist mobility will be beneficial when he is later fitted for a prosthetic hand.

In what might be a crushing blow to anyone else, the honor student at Sir Francis Drake High School has shown strength and determination through it all. Luke’s aunt, Caroline Hynes-Marino said that she hadn’t seen her nephew cry about the situation once.

Everyone is aware that Luke will need physical therapy and will have other medical expenditures as he faces new challenges in his life. The cost of a prosthetic alone is likely to be more than $200,000. At the time of the report, Hynes-Marino had set up a Go Fund Me page for her nephew that had managed to raise nearly half of that amount. In two weeks, the page has almost reached its funding goal.

“This community is amazing,” Luke’s aunt said “From $5 from people to up to $10,000. It doesn’t matter how much. It’s just the fact that there’s human nature is so good.”


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