Towing Accident Kills One And Injured Two

Sometimes it’s the most bizarre and unforeseeable of accidents that end with tragedy. What started as a broken rope, as two men tried to two one SUV with another, ended in horror as the two men were violently pinned between the two vehicles. As a result, one of them died.

These two men were traveling along Central Avenue last Thursday night around 11:44 p.m., one SUV pulling another by a rope, when the rope snapped. The men exited their vehicles to remedy the situation when a third vehicle slammed into the back of the towed SUV, pinning the two men between the two large vehicles.

As horrifying as that scene may seem, fortunately one of the men survived. He was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries, as was the driver of the third vehicle. The other man pinned between the SUVs, however, did not survive.

Accidents like this one, as was reported by My News LA, happen all too often. It only takes a split second for such a collision to be set in motion. And, in this case, it all started with a seemingly innocent situation: a friend helping a friend tow his vehicle and the snapping of the towline.

And yet, after the fact, the survivors and the family of the deceased are left with both physical and emotional trauma, not to mention debilitating medical expenses.

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