Two Deputies Injured On Highway 12 Driving To Domestic Disturbance Call

No matter who you are or how much driving experience you may have, there is always the potential for getting into an accident.

The Press Democrat recently reported that two Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputies were injured in a crash on Highway 12 last week at a high rate of speed when both were responding to a domestic disturbance call on New Year’s Day.

A spokesperson for the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, Sgt. Juan Valencia told reporters in a statement that the two deputies were among several other deputies who were responding to the call near Highway 12 and Melita Road.

As the lead deputy was applying his brakes near the driveway of the residence, his patrol cruiser was hit by a second deputy who was following close behind. Investigators are not certain why the two deputies collided at a high rate of speed. Valencia suggested that there may have been some type of confusion between the two law enforcement officers.

One of the deputies was treated at the scene for minor injuries while the second deputy who was following the first, was transported to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with what has been described as moderate injuries. He was released from the hospital the following day.

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