Two Drivers Are Injured After A Drag Race Accident

A possible street racing incident is being blamed for a violent crash in Monrovia on Saturday.  Both drivers were sent to an area hospital with major injuries.

KTLA in Los Angeles reported that the crash happened on Saturday, April 4th, at approximately 1:10 p.m. in the 1900 block of South Myrtle Avenue just south of Duarte Road in Monrovia.

According to Lt. Daniel Verna with the Monrovia Police Department,  an eyewitness to the crash called authorities when they saw a classic Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro street racing. Both vehicles were reported to have been traveling at a high speed.

During the race, the driver of the Mustang lost control of his vehicle when he entered a curve.

“He was going so fast; he wasn’t able to take that curve, veered into northbound lanes,” Lt. Verna told reporters.

The driver of a northbound SUV saw the oncoming Mustang and was able to swerve to miss a direct head-on collision, but was still hit by the other vehicle. The force of the impact caused the Mustang to split in half, throwing the driver onto the pavement.

The rear half of the Mustang ended up against a utility pole and burst into flames. Live power lines from the utility pole fell onto the ground and had to be shut off by Southern California Edison linemen. 

The driver of the Mustang was rushed to an area hospital for treatment of life-threatening injuries. According to Lt. Verna, however, the driver is expected to survive.  The driver’s identity has been withheld at this time. 

The unidentified male driver of the SUV was also taken to the hospital with significant injuries. He is also expected to survive.

Authorities say that the accident is still currently under investigation.  The driver of the Mustang is expected to be facing felony street racing and reckless driving charges once he is released from the hospital.

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