Westwood Crash Ends With One Dead And Three Injured

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, be it major or minor, you know that it often happens in a flash. In movies, especially action dramas, time seems to slow down during a crash, time often behaves in the opposite manner for those that experience it in real life. Most involved in an accident don’t even remember how it happened. It’s as if time skipped for them.

But, once the accident is over, and the reality of the event settles in, things often seem to slow down again. And this is good, since many accidents leave a life-or-death puzzle for those involved, including first responders, to figure out.

In an accident that happened on Wednesday afternoon in Westwood, this puzzle required the fire department to work to free those that were trapped in the wreckage.

According to this report from KTLA, the incident took place around 3:15 p.m. in the 1200 block of South Beverly Glen Boulevard. Three vehicles were involved in the crash, and how the accident came about is still unclear and under investigation. The Los Angeles Fire Department worked to free two victims of the crash from the wreckage since they were trapped. They were taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition. A third person suffered a minor injury.

Unfortunately, a fourth person was pronounced dead at the scene. The LA Fire Department and the LA Police Department worked together to clean the scene and investigate. During that time, traffic was blocked in the area.

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