Woman Leaves Moving Vehicle During Argument, Struck And Killed By Second Vehicle

A Houston woman is dead after she fell out of the car she was riding in and was struck by another vehicle along the North Freeway in Houston during the early morning hours of Sunday, November 17th.

ABC30 reports that according to a statement given by a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department, at approximately 1:00 a.m., the woman’s husband had been driving when she became upset with him. While he was driving at full speed, she began crawling out of the vehicle and fell out onto the freeway. 

Police say that the woman survived falling out of the vehicle but was struck by another car.  Both the woman’s husband and the driver who hit her on the freeway stayed at the scene of the fatal crash.  

Authorities have withheld her identity pending notification of family members.

Two additional crashes happened after the incident.   A second crash occurred when one vehicle stopped and attempted to help the victim while another car crashed into it.  Sgt. David Rose of the Houston Police Department told ABC that one of the drivers in the secondary crash left the scene of the accident. Police are investigating that as a separate hit-and-run accident.

A third crash occurred when a suspected DUI driver was stopped at the scene by police responding to the initial crash. 

Sgt. Rose told reporters that the female victim in the initial crash had been drinking before the incident but that her husband had not. 

No further information has been released at this time.

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