A Multi-Vehicle Accident Results In Over 40 Gallons Of Fuel Spilled On Highway 126

Every day, large commercial trucks carry cargo and materials of all kinds over US highways and roads.  When an accident involving one of these big rigs happens, the contents of the commercial truck’s cargo, such as fuel, can spill, causing a hazardous material or Hazmat spill.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has guidelines as to how these hazardous materials have to be handled and cleaned up to keep motorists, area residents, and the environment safe.

The Signal of Santa Clarita Valley reports that a four-vehicle crash, which included a jackknifed tractor-trailer rig, prompted a hazmat response team to be called to the scene along Highway 126 last week. Thankfully, not a single person was injured in the accident.

The California Highway Patrol and the fire crews with the Los Angeles County Fire Department were called to the scene near the intersection of Highway 126 and Commerce Center drive at approximately 1:45 p.m. on Monday, 22nd.

CHP Officer Brandt told reporters that the accident happened on the westbound side of the highway.  No one was injured in the multi-car collision, 

According to a statement issued by LACFD Supervisor, Leslie Lua, the big rig suffered a leak of approximately 40 gallons of diesel fuel prompted in the dispatch of a Caltrans Hazmat response team.   The fuel spilled into the drains along the side of the highway. 

 Emergency crews shut down the two right lanes of the roadway well into the evening while the Hazmat team cleaned up the fuel spill.

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