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A Law Firm with a Mission

The Simmrin Law Group is a leading California law firm focused on personal injury, criminal defense, family law and business litigation. Our goal is to help anyone who finds themselves outmatched, outnumbered or outgunned in the legal system. The courts can be an intimidating place, and our job is to take them on and bring you a win.

We take pride in accepting tough cases and fighting against the odds. No matter who you are or what you’re facing, you have a friend who knows the law.

“I view every case as having someone’s life at stake. It might be their health, their financial future or their business. It might even be their freedom. We do our job right so that they can get their life back.” - Attorney Sherry Simmrin

Help You Can Count On

With decades of experience, our legal team was hand-picked to include the best lawyers in California. Each attorney focuses on just a few types of cases and knows how to deliver results. People have taken notice: prosecutors, insurance companies and defense lawyers have all learned to respect our team as leading trial lawyers.

What We Do

  • Accidents & Injuries
    Never blame yourself for an injury that you didn’t cause—and do not let the insurance company intimidate you. Our lawyers have a history of million-dollar and six-figure settlements. Let us help you get the money you need.
  • Family Law
    Divorce, separation and child custody are painful issues—but they do not have to tear apart your life. Our experienced family law attorneys can help with any difficult situation, including high-net worth divorces.
  • Negligence
    Negligence by hospitals, doctors and nursing homes causes some of the most tragic injuries and losses. We can help you prove what really happened and you get the money you need to get treatment or rebuild your life.
  • Criminal Defense
    When you’ve been arrested, the law is not on your side. Do not take a guilty plea or a “deal” until you talk to a lawyer. Our firm puts leading California defense lawyers on your case and fights to prove you are innocent.
  • Workers
    Do you have an asbestos claim, an overtime or wage dispute, or a workers compensation claim? Don’t face insurance companies and corporate lawyers without help. We put the heavy hitters on your side.
  • Consumer Cases
    We believe in protecting individual consumers from predatory practices, and we have the legal weight to back you up. Let us help in product liability cases, wrongly denied insurance claims and other disputes.
  • Class Action Lawsuits
    We are able to manage complex class action lawsuits in all categories including dangerous drugs and medical devices, defective products, consumer fraud and sophisticated tech/data breach cases.
  • Government
    When the government owes you benefits, it can take months or years to get approved. We speed up the process, helping you get your SSDI or Veteran’s Benefits approved as fast as possible, including appealing past rejections.
  • Federal Crimes
    Federal charges are different than other criminal cases, with heavier penalties and a much tougher prosecution team. We offer lawyers who have focused their whole career on winning federal cases.
  • White Collar Crimes
    White collar cases like fraud and embezzlement use different evidence than physical crimes and require a very different approach to defense. We bring both legal and technological experience to your case, helping our white collar clients protect themselves and get the best possible result.
  • Business Litigation
    Our focus with our business clients is resolving your case as quickly as possible, and getting you the best outcome so you can focus on your business itself. Let us help with breach of contract, regulatory issues, real estate, antitrust and more.

We Are On Your Side

Whether you are suffering from an injury or accident, dealing with a business dispute, or you stand accused of a criminal offense, the Simmrin Law Group is here for you. We accept cases including:

  • Personal Injury
    • Car accidents
    • Slip and fall injuries
    • Medical malpractice
    • Workplace injuries
    • Premises liability
    • Nursing home neglect
  • Criminal Defense
    • Drug offenses
    • Juvenile defense
    • Theft crimes
    • Sex crimes
    • Violent offenses
    • Federal crimes
    • White collar crimes
  • Consumer Protection
    • Faulty products
    • Dangerous drugs
    • Medical devices
    • Data breach
    • Insurance disputes
    • Class action lawsuits
  • Government
    • Social Security Disability
    • Veteran’s Benefits
  • Family Law
    • Divorce
    • Separation
    • Alimony & child support
    • Child custody
    • High net worth divorce
  • Business Litigation
    • Contract disputes
    • Antitrust
    • Regulatory issues
    • Employment law
    • Construction litigation
    • Real estate
  • Worker Protection
    • Workers compensation
    • Wages & overtime
    • Wrongful termination
    • Asbestos
    • Discrimination

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