Big Rig Loses Control and Crashes, Causing 118 Freeway To Close

The 118 Freeway had to close for a few hours on Wednesday afternoon after a big rig lost control and crashed into an embankment. This happened while the big truck was heading eastbound. For an unknown reason, the tractor-trailer lost control and ended up crashing into an embankment on the right-hand side, according to this report from CBS LA.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in this event, which happened about 1 in the afternoon on Wednesday on a section of the 118 Freeway that was near the transition to the southbound 5 Freeway. Because several lanes had to be closed as cleanup crews arrived and did what they had to do, drivers were advised to avoid the area and find a different route.

Earlier this week, CalTrans had issued a warning regarding the heavy rain California was getting, saying road conditions could be dangerous because of the wet roads. There could even be ice or snow in higher elevations.

During this time of the pandemic, there has been significantly less traffic on the roads, especially in California, where closures had to be either re-instituted or prolonged. And yet, despite having fewer vehicles on the road, there is still a constant flow of traffic accidents because of dangerous road conditions.

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