Classic Car Beloved By Veteran Returned After Police Find It

KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles reports that Curly Bunfill, winner of three purple hearts, had been a Hollywood stuntman and met Hayworth at a party. “Our eyes met and we danced,” Bunfill told said. “She had all these cars, beautiful, beautiful cars. We danced around the cars.”

While they were dancing, Rita Hayworth asked Bunfill which car she liked. He pointed to the Bermuda Blue one. When Hayworth died, she willed the car to Bunfill.  For 30 years, Bunfill proudly showed the beautiful vintage Cadillac throughout the area and recounted the fascinating tale of how it came to be in his possession.

Last week, someone broke into Bunfill’s garage at his home in Sacramento, pried off the padlock, and stole Bunfill’s treasured car.  It was a local business owner, Lester Welton, who discovered the vehicle was missing when he came by to check on Bunfill. Saddened as to why anyone would do something like that to his elderly friend, Welton offered a $7,000 reward for anyone who had information regarding the whereabouts of the car.

Bunfill is also confused as to what anyone could be thinking by stealing his beloved car. “It sticks out like a sore thumb. You can see it a mile away. Bunfill said. 

Soon after the initial report aired, Curly Bunfill got word from the Sacramento Police Department that his Cadillac had been found in the South Sacramento area, and it was being held at the Sacramento Police Station.  

While no arrests have been made in connection with the theft of the war hero’s vehicle, Bunfill and those around him are grateful for its safe return.

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