Good Samaritan Dies While Assisting Driver

It seems to be a law of human nature that causes a person to lend a helping hand to help another one who is in trouble. Even when we may feel a bit jaded or cynical about our fellow human beings, to witness someone assist someone who is hurt or in danger without a thought for oneself can restore our faith in humanity.

In an article reported by NBC News, the act of one Good Samaritan who had attempted to help a fellow motorist after an accident, unfortunately, cost him his life.

According to the report, on Wednesday, February 6th, at approximately 5:13 a.m. a driver of a Ford F-150 crashed his pickup truck on the Pine Valley Creek Bridge. His vehicle was blocking the left, westbound lane on the high elevation bridge and road conditions were both foggy and icy.

The driver of a Subaru Outback got out of his vehicle in an effort to assist the driver of the stranded pickup truck. Three additional vehicles that were also traveling westbound struck one another in a chain reaction crash as they tried to avoid hitting the truck.

The driver of the Subaru jumped over the of the bridge’s rail in an attempt to avoid being hit by the other vehicles. Instead of being able to save himself, he instead fell to his death to Pine Valley Creek, some 400 feet below.

The California Highway Patrol said that emergency crews were attempting to use using a helicopter in an effort to retrieve the man’s body. The CHP said that they were still working to retrieve the man’s remains at the time of NBC’s report.

Additional people were hurt in the accident including a 4-month-old infant who suffered minor injuries. No other details were released regarding those who injured in the crash.

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