High-Speed Chase Thankfully Ends Without Injuries

So many vehicle accidents are just that: accidents. In most cases, no one intends to lose control of their vehicle or collide with a pole, tree, other vehicles, or even pedestrians. Often, it is a malfunction in the vehicle itself that causes property damage, injuries, or even death. Weather and other factors beyond anyone’s control can also inadvertently cause a traffic accident or a collision.

There is another dangerous situation, however, that can cause massive crashes on the road, a situation that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with drugs or alcohol. And this situation is completely preventable.

We’re talking about high-speed chases. Car chases may be entertaining when they are on blockbuster movies, but high-speed pursuits can be extremely dangerous in real life.

Last Monday, a high-speed car chase lasted for over an hour. The suspect evaded capture on the roads of the Northeast division of L.A. from about 11:37 on Sunday night and ended at 12:55 Monday morning when officers were able to apprehend him. The suspect took the Pacific Coast Highway to the I-10 before turning back towards downtown, where he was cornered and caught. The suspect was taken into custody, along with one male and one female passenger.

Thankfully, in this case, the high-speed chase was brought to an end without anyone getting hurt.

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