Hollywood Freeway Lanes Closed Due To Multi-Vehicle Accident

The pandemic of the past year has caused many people to work from home most of the week, which has been a blessing for those that previously had to travel multiple hours for their daily work commute. In major cities of the U.S., however, traffic has continued to be a problem since even a percentage of the commuters represents a rather large number of vehicles on the road every day. This is certainly true of the Los Angeles and Hollywood area, where hundreds of thousands of people still pack main freeways and highways each day to get to work or travel or other destinations.

This past Tuesday, the traffic issues in LA grew worse because of the closure of a stretch of the southbound lanes in the Hollywood (170) Freeway in North Hollywood due to a multi-vehicle accident that occurred there, according to this report from My News LA.

This traffic accident involved several cars. Since details of the crash were not immediately available, it isn’t known how the accident was caused or how many were injured in the event. But what we do know is that the southbound lanes of the freeway were closed after the accident, which occurred at about 4:40 in the morning on Tuesday.

The southbound lanes were blocked at Burbank Boulevard to allow Los Angeles firefighters to reach the locations of the accident. The crash was located near the Burbank Boulevard exit, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Of course, such accidents often lead to expensive medical bills as well as vehicle repair bills. The effects radiate out to others on the road, as well, since countless thousands had to be redirected off the Freeway or chose to avoid it altogether on Tuesday morning, causing traffic congestion in other parts of the city.

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