Huge Pileup Leaves More Than 30 People Injured On I-64

A massive multi-car pileup involving 69 motor vehicles along Interstate 64 near Williamsburg, Virginia, on Sunday left more than 30 people injured, at least two of them critically. 

According to a story appearing on the KTLA website in Los Angeles, the accident happened just before 8:00 a.m. in the westbound lanes of Interstate 64.  Investigators at the scene are not yet sure what may have caused the initial crash, but motorists were faced with both foggy and icy road conditions.

Virginia State Police Sgt. Michelle Anaya told reporters that after the initial crash in the westbound lanes near a construction zone.  A second crash, which involved a total of eight vehicles, happened nearby in the eastbound lanes.  

Together both accidents caused the Virginia State Police to shut down Interstate 64 for several hours while emergency crews cleaned up the miles of damaged and disabled vehicles. 

Fire Chief Stephen Kopczynski of the York County Fire Department issued a statement indicating that 51 people were estimated to have either been treated at the scene for injuries or taken to area hospitals for treatment. Two people were taken to the hospital in critical condition, while an additional 11 people injured in the crash were listed in serious condition. 

Sgt. Anaya said that with millions of people expected to hit the road for the Christmas holiday, this multi-car crash should serve as a wakeup call to motorists to wear their seatbelts, pay attention and not drive while distracted.  

“It could have been far worse, and luckily there are no confirmed fatalities,” Sgt. Anaya said.

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