One Pedestrian Dies, Another Injured In Street Race Accident

A tragic crash connected to a suspected incident of street racing overnight in West Lake Village has taken the life of one boy and left another boy injured. 

CBS Local in Los Angeles reports that the fatal crash happened at approximately 7:10 p.m. when two vehicles were suspected of racing Triunfo Canyon Road at Saddle Mountain Drive.  

According to a statement released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, one of the cars involved in the street race struck both boys.  

Officials say that one of the boys was declared dead at the scene. The second boy was rushed to an area hospital with injuries.  His identity and current condition had not been released at the time of the report.

One of the suspect drivers was arrested a short distance from the scene of the fatal crash. News helicopter, Sky2, captured footage of a silver Mercedes station wagon with front end damage consistent to a car-pedestrian crash. 

Area resident Carlos Ohanian told CBS reporter Tina Patel that he has to be careful in the neighborhood when using the crosswalk. 

“The crosswalk at this place is very dangerous. We’ve been living here for a long time, and every time I want to cross, I have to wait for the cars to stop for me to go,“ Ohanian said.

The LACSD said that they are working with the Los Angeles Police Department to search for the second driver who was believed to have been involved in the street racing incident.

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