Plane Dumps Jet Fuel Over School Playground During Emergency Landing

Approximately 60 people have been treated for skin irritation after a Delta jet dumped fuel as it flew over an area elementary school on Tuesday.

NBC in Los Angeles reports that the incident happened during the school day when the plane passed over the Park Avenue Elementary School in the 8000 block of Park Avenue in Cudahy. 

 The school, which is located approximately 15 miles from LAX, 17 of the children and nine adults who had been on the playground complained shortly after the incident of skin irritation and difficulty breathing. The Los Angeles Fire Department was dispatched to the school to treat them on-site.  

A spokesperson for the LAFD said that no one at the school needed to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Other people in the neighborhood as the school also complained of the strong scent of jet fuel.

Authorities say that Delta flight 89 was on its way to Shanghai when it dumped some fuel over the school.  The flight then returned to LAX after reporting an unknown emergency. A spokesperson for Delta Airlines issued a statement confirming that one of its aircraft had dumped the fuel after it suffered engine problems shortly after takeoff.  The airline said that the fuel dump was an attempt to reduce the weight of the aircraft before landing.

The plane landed at the airport safely at LAX, and no one on board the flight was injured.

The students and faculty at the school who were affected by the fuel dump were sent home with instructions from the Los Angeles County Health Department on how to clean themselves and their clothing.  Residents of the area were further advised to stay away from any of the fuel residue and to wash thoroughly with soap and water. A degreaser from dish soap can usually remove any traces of the fuel. 

Officials are advising that any clothing that may have been exposed to the fuel be washed with detergent. If there is any remaining odor of the fuel, the garment should be discarded.

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