Road Rage Incident Leads To Driver Fleeing On Foot On The 210

Another dangerous driving situation involving road rage and a collision occurred this past weekend in Arcadia.

CBS affiliate KCAL 9 in Los Angeles reported on its website that the incident began in Orange County when the Orange County Sheriff’s Department received a call about a carjacking that immediately followed a road rage incident.

Footage captured from the Sky9 helicopter shows the driver weaving in and out of traffic in San Gabriel Valley, barely missing other vehicles in his attempt to escape.  The suspect stopped at a home in Monrovia, where a woman ran out, and a man ran inside. The suspect then ran back out of the house and got back into the red minivan and took off once again.

At a stoplight in Arcadia at the intersection of West Foothill Boulevard and North Baldwin Avenue, the suspect driver of the minivan first attempted to wedge his way through two other vehicles that were stopped at the light. When he couldn’t squeeze through, he backed up the minivan and rammed his way through the other vehicles. 

The impact of the crash caused enough damage to disable the minivan, forcing the suspect to escape on foot. The suspect then ran onto the 210 Freeway, where he attempted to carjack another vehicle but was thwarted by a locked car door.

The California Highway Patrol was able to get the suspect to surrender a short time later and took him into custody.  He was taken to an area hospital by LAFD paramedics after complaining of pain. No information has been released as to his identity or current condition.

No one was hurt in the incident. 

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