Two-Vehicle Collision Ends with Three in the Hospital

In the blink of an eye, a quiet drive down the relatively quiet nighttime streets of Los Angeles can become a tossup between life and death. A single misjudgment, a lapse in concentration at just the wrong second, or the reckless actions of someone that is driving under the influence can transform an otherwise unnoteworthy drive into a tragedy.

Last Saturday night, such a moment of life and death happened in Los Angeles, specifically in Chasworth. A two-vehicle collision led to one of the cars being engulfed in flames. This accident happened on the 22900 block of Santa Susana Pass.

One vehicle, a Volkswagen, was completely smashed in on the forward-left section of the vehicle. The second car, of unknown make and model,  erupted in flames as a direct result of the accident.

Police are still investigating the cause of the collision. Three people, who had yet to be identified, were transported to the hospital by ambulances. They sustained unknown injuries.

Accidents like this are a common tragedy, especially late at night. In a split second, a relaxing drive can become the source of pain and suffering for weeks or even months to come. On top of that, and the expense of damaged vehicles and private property within the cars, many involved in major traffic accidents suffer from emotional trauma for months that follow.

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