Volvo Issues A Recall On Their Vehicles’ Automatic Braking System

Last week, automaker, Volvo announced a worldwide recall of more 736,000 vehicles. The recall stems from a defect in the vehicle’s automatic braking system, which may not detect objects and stop vehicles as it was designed to do.

NBC in Los Angeles reported that the recall was announced on Wednesday, March 18th, and involves its  S60, V60, S90L, and V90 models for model years 2019 and 2020. 

According to documents filed with federal regulating authorities and a statement issued by Volvo, the issue was caused because of a hardware and software incompatibility issue in the cars.  Volvo said that if the system fails, it could potentially increase the likelihood of a crash. 

So far, the company is not aware of any crashes or injuries that may have occurred because of the problem. The company’s recall seems to be an attempt to prevent any future accidents from occurring due to the faulty braking system.

Volvo also said in its statement that while the failure of the automatic braking system remains small, there is a reason for concern.  There are certain environmental factors, including temperature and humidity, that may affect the way the braking system operates.

Volvo will notify vehicle owners of the defect. The company said in their statement that repairs would be made to all affected vehicles. Fortunately, these repairs to increase the drivers’ safety will come at no cost to consumers.   Government documents indicate that the recall is set to begin on May 1st, 2020, in the United States.

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