A Car And Big Rig Collide, Leaving One Person Dead

A life of crime is a life of danger and risk. We often think of the risk of being caught committing a crime or being hurt or killed by the owner of an object you’re trying to steal, for example. Or we might imagine the dangers of being apprehended by police, who are authorized to use force if needed. We may even think about the number of people that get hurt or killed in prisons.

But there is another aspect of the life of a criminal that sometimes leads to injury or death, and that is the increased risk when trying to get away with a crime. Getaway cars often end up leading a high-speed chase. These chases are dangerous for everyone involved, such as the police and innocent bystanders, but the danger is especially present for the criminal trying to get away. Even when not being actively pursued by law enforcement, a criminal trying to get away is often speeding and breaking traffic safety laws, making their escape a dangerous act.

Consider the example of this driver that crashed into the side of a big rig, according to a report from NBC Los Angeles.

A car was reported stolen just before this accident, which occurred at about 5:10 p.m. The driver, in his haste to get away with the stolen vehicle, collided with the broad side of a big rig trailer, wedging the stolen car under the larger vehicle.

As a result of this crash, one person died and another is being treated for minor injuries.

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