A Three-Vehicle Crash Leads To Arrest in Sylmar

A driver is in custody after failing to pass a sobriety test with the California Highway Patrol. The test was requested after this same driver caused a three-vehicle accident on the 5 Freeway in Sylmar, according to this report from the News Maven.

The crash occurred on Friday night at about 11:32 at night. The three vehicles involved were a gray Toyota Camry, a gray Honda Accord, and a black Volkswagon. This accident on the I-5 Freeway happened at the Roxford off-ramp.

The California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the accident, working to clear away debris and investigate the cause of the crash. When the driver that allegedly caused the accident either failed or refused to comply with the sobriety test offered by the CHP, he was put in handcuffs.

It’s unfortunate that the actions of a single individual, someone that perhaps attempts to drink and drive, can lead to injuries or even death for others. Simply obeying the rules of the road and doing your best to be safe is not enough these days. A single dangerous driver can cause great tragedy for others.

And even a relatively minor accident can lead to massive hospital and repair bills, or even death.

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